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1937 Hwy 35
Wall, New Jersey 07719


We encourage our clients to contact us for any & all claims,
but there will be times when at night or weekends an insured
 can not readily reach us. On this page we have provided
 contact information for some of our carriers.

Please feel free to contact the Danskin Agency
 if you have any questions or concerns about a claim.



Companies with 800 Numbers

  1. Ace USA Group - 800-426-6800

  2. Andover Insurance Companies (Merrimack & Cambridge Mutual) -800-225-0770

  3. Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Salem County - 800-498-0954

  4. Proformance Insurance Company - 800 621-5410

Companies with web address

  1.  Franklin Mutual & FMI Insurance Company -

  2.  Hanover Insurance Group -

  3. Ohio Casualty Group -

  4. Pennsylvania National Insurance Group (Founders Insurance Company) -